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Hey! I build games and websites.

Unlike many game devs, I'm a Linux fan. I build my games using free software, and blog about what I learn along the way.

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Godot Packages GitHub

I've written a few little libraries for Godot, which I release as free software to help my fellow game devs. I hope you find them useful!

Installing Ubuntu 17.10 Linux on Acer Aspire 1

The Acer Aspire 1 (A114-31-C4HH) is a great and super affordable machine for running a Linux-based operating system. At only $209 new, its cheaper than many Chromebooks, and is the only computer at this pricepoint to have a full 1920x1080 HD display. It's very easy to install Ubuntu Linux, and... Read »

How to quickly install Mattermost on Digital Ocean

Mattermost is a popular free software Slack alternative. Slack can get really expensive really quickly for organizations of any sufficient size, so you either bare with the extremely limited free plan (which holds your data "hostage"), or you switch over to a free alternative like Mattermost. With this, instead of... Read »

Ardour 5.7 Review - Free software DAW

Over this weekend I jumped back into music production, working on some sounds for my current game project. I decided to switch around my work-flow and learn Ardour. Ardour is a totally free software Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with a professional feature-set for macOS, Windows, and Linux. It has the... Read »

Introducing: Whiteboard

I made a cool thing: Whiteboard is slideshow application for teaching programming. It embeds a code editor, terminal, and web browser into a slide-show like interface to eliminate context-switches and dead-space, while enabling more content content to be set-up ahead of time. It's great for guiding code-heavy classroom lectures, tutorials,... Read »


Drag and drop blocks onto the board to rack up points and advance to the next level in this addictive new spin on the classic game of tangrams. Two different modes cater to both casual and hardcore-puzzler game styles: Zen mode allows you to take your time to use the... Read »

Releasing Sawdust: Mini-post-mortem

A couple months ago I wrote about realizing "enough was enough" with my feature-creeped game. Along with working on other projects, I spent some time in the next couple months cutting out features and polishing existing ones, all working under a "late-May" deadline. Now, my new (much smaller) vision for... Read »

The Blocklings

I had a blast with my Ludum Dare 38 Compo entry! It's a short (but complete!) puzzle game with 9 levels, something of a cross between Lemmings and Minecraft. Check it out here: Pretty rough in spots, and programmer art galore, but I'm happy with how it turned out. I'll... Read »

Ludum Dare 38

I'm all ready to start Ludum Dare 38! In case you don't know, it's a game dev competition / game jam to make an entire game in 48 hours. It'll be my first go at it, so I'm super pumped.... Read »

Wow, I've made quite a few free Godot packages by now

I've noticed I've written a total of 9 open source packages for the Godot engine! I'm pretty pleased with this number, nothing makes me happier than giving back to the world of free software. I created a page that I'll keep updated with links to all of the repos: http:... Read »

Godot Pannable Camera: A re-usable camera helper for Godot

I put together a little camera script that should be useful for RPGs, platformers, and RTS games in the free software Godot Game Engine. It has a top-down (or angled) camera that has built in key-bindings for panning around using WASD keys. I wrote it to quickly prototype things like... Read »


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