Game dev with Godot: Unit testing your scripts

I wrote a little helper library to help you write unit tests for the logic in your Godot game's scripts. First things first: What is unit testing and why would you want it? A unit test is just some code that checks other code to make sure it does what... Read »

Michael B

Michael Bethencourt (@mbgamedev) is a developer based in California. He blogs about indie game development on his OS of choice, Linux.


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Godot: Quite a few cool scripts and other goodies, all under free licenses

Stuff I'm working on


An adventure in tangrams

  • Two distinct gameplay modes to suite all play styles: think fast to score big in Arcade Mode, or relax in Zen Mode
  • HD+ graphics (2560x1440)
  • Original soundtrack (also by me)

Coming to mobile in 2017