Sawdust Gameplay
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Drag and drop blocks onto the board to rack up points and advance to the next level in this addictive new spin on the classic game of tangrams.

Two different modes cater to both casual and hardcore-puzzler game styles:

  • Zen mode allows you to take your time to use the best strategy to conquer each board

  • Arcade mode forces you to think quick to conquer every level before your sawdust runs out

Mess up? Hit "try again" and give it another go. I'll warn you, you might get addicted!

Psst: Want a spoiler? Get far enough, and you'll unlock ADVANCED MODE... get even farther, and unlock IRON MODE: a fun/addictive/frustrating experience.... no powerups, and no room for mistakes!

The game features:
- 20 distinct power levels which offer dozens of different power ups - Increasingly difficult board levels that offer endless challenge - Original music - No in-game transactions, it's just you, your wits, and a bit of luck!

Are you up to the challenge?