I made a cool thing: Whiteboard is slideshow application for teaching programming. It embeds a code editor, terminal, and web browser into a slide-show like interface to eliminate context-switches and dead-space, while enabling more content content to be set-up ahead of time. It's great for guiding code-heavy classroom lectures, tutorials, workshops, and webinars.


Download Whiteboard for free now, for macOS, Linux, and Windows

I initially developed it for my own teaching at UC-Berkeley Extensions, but I realized it might be useful for others, as well. Essentially the goal is to make a "slide-show" app that transforms the concept of a "slide" into an activity, as opposed to static content. Thus, the slide deck functions as a sequential collection of activities, each of which can consist of one or more sub-applications.


As of v0.0.27 (which is the first known critical bug-free and feature complete build), the following "sub-applications" (or panes) are available:

Code editor

  • Save tab layouts of multiple files for your presentations
  • Based on ACE Editor
  • Syntax highlighting for 100+ languages

Web Browser

  • Have fully-functioning websites embedded in your slides
  • Uses Chromium-based WebView, for full support for all sites no matter how complex
  • Use to demonstrate websites as you build them
  • Useful for webinar tutorials


  • Save a terminal to start at a working directory
  • Useful for running example code as you write it
  • Full color and cursor support, e.g. vim works
  • Based on the same library (xterm.js) as VSCode


  • Easily add rich text with Markdown
  • Useful for content-only slides
  • Can be mixed with other panes to add instructions or context

Save and edit slide decks

  • By saving preset combinations of the above activities, craft a slide deck that guides the
  • Slides can be added, deleted, and re-arranged
  • Supports 3 layouts and several theme presets
  • Decks can be saved, loaded, or shared
  • Saves to a plain-text format, for easy manual tweaking

It's free software under the GPL 3, so check it our (and/or contribute) now!